Bare Acre Vegetable Starts 2023

The vegetable garden has had a hard start this year, however, our weather is promised to improve from mid month which will give the ground a chance to dry out which means its time to start preparing your beds and getting some plants into the ground to ensure summer harvests.

The Bare Acre nursery is currently full of young plants (Plant starts) all raised organically and currently being hardened off. The first of our starts will appear on the plant-stand on Friday 14th April and we hope you will be as delighted as we are with both the variety and quality of plants we are offering. 

Available from April 14

Cabbage: Nagels

Very fast growing cabbage with small round heads (ca. 1-1.3 kg) and low growing habit. 60 days to maturity. Available in 6 packs.

Parsley: Gigante d’Italia

Plain leafed parsley with large leaves and strong stalks. Very high yielding, quick and tall growing. Sensitive to bolting in unfavourable conditions. Available in 3″ pots.

Perennial Sorrel

Leaves should be harvested from the outside so that a succession of leaves can develop. The young leaves are excellent used fresh in salads, in soups and as a constituent of herb mixtures. Grows to 20-40 cm in height. Available in 3″ pots.


Bare Acre’s own mix of lettuce with each pack containing a blend of varieties that will keep you in fresh salad from May to July. All produced using organic seed and compost. Available in 6 packs.

Chives: Gonzales

Large leafed. Vigorous and upright; dark green leaves, good yielder. Particularly suitable for outdoor cultivation. Withstands rust.  Available in 3″ pots.

Broccoli (Calabrese): Calinaro

Short growing plants with (for open pollinated broccoli) relatively large and heavy heads (350 g). Dark green and somewhat blunt shoots. Grows rapidly and matures in about 50 days from transplanting.  Available in 6 packs.

Spinach: Butterflay

Ideal Spinach for spring cultivation. Very robust, strong, round-oval leaves, fresh green coloured and quick to mature. Available in 6 packs.

Beetroot: Pablo

Multisown beetroot, variety Pablo which is in our view the very best beetroot to grow in our area. Quick to mature and dark red beets. Available in 6 packs.

Mixed Herbs: Coriander and Dill

Two essential herbs for both the garden and the cook. Available in 6 packs with 3 dill and 3 coriander in each. 

Celery: Victoria

Celery ‘F1 Victoria’ is the market leader for early and mid-season celery production.
A tall, vigorous variety that grows to around 100cm tall and produces well filled plants with large bright green leaves, mid green smooth fleshy petioles and thick stems with a good nutty flavour. Available in 6 packs.

Onions: Rijnsburger

Multi sown onions with each cell containing 3-4 seedlings that are ready to plant. Each pack, if grown well, will produce as many as 20-24 onions in a very small amount of space. Plant at 30x30cm for best results. Available in 6 packs

All of the above are available from April 14. Our list will be updated with tomatoes, chili, peppers & aubergine which will be available from April 28 for immediate planting.