Fresh Vegetables that do not cost the earth

From Thursday to Sunday, Bare Acre Farm stocks a large range of fresh vegetables from our own farm and from trusted local suppliers. You can drop in to pick-up your vegetables as and when you need them, or for those with hectic schedules you can order one of our vegetable boxes online and pick it up on either Friday afternoon or at any time on Saturday. 

All vegetables offered through bare acre are sustainably sourced


Never boring or bland, our seasonal produce is the very best in homegrown, locally sourced fruit and vegetables. As the seasons wax towards summer, an increasing amount of our own organically grown produce appears on our shelves, and then as the seasons wane towards winter again, we become more reliant on our European neighbours for fresh produce while still continuing to harvest from our own gardens & tunnels so we always have a range of our own organically grown produce. 



Our off farm free range eggs come from a single source and from a flock of hens that have unlimited access to pasture from sunrise to sunset every day of the year. As with any product we buy in, we visit the farmer, taste the product, using it to feed our own family first before we consider offering it to you. We are more than happy to stock these eggs and indeed, we use them in all of our own baking and cooking. 

Organic Eggs

Organic, free range eggs from our own small flock of hens are available in limited quantity and appear in the Farm Shop on Wednesday and Saturday only. Our own small flock comprises of only 30 hens, but there are plans to extend that number in the future. Our hens are all purebred types, with the flock made up of a mix of Leghorns, Buff Barred, Bluebells, French Maran. We have a single Skyline in the flock, her name is Lucy, and she is responsible for the pearlescent blue shelled eggs that appear in our egg baskets.  


Not just for special occasions

At the Bare Acre, we believe everyone deserves flowers, not just flowers to buy as a gift for others, or that you order for delivery elsewhere, we want to make it affordable for you to buy flowers just for yourself.

That’s why we took the decision to grow and sell 100% homegrown organic flowers that we could offer exclusively in The Farm Shop. Now, it’s easy for you to purchase affordable, Irish grown flowers for your own kitchen table. 

Our flowers are harvested fresh each morning, thus ensuring that they reach you in top condition so you will get the longest possible vase life from each bunch.