Planting Cottage Perennials in Autumn

Although most people will rush out to plant their garden in Spring, Autumn is in fact a far better time to plant up a garden for the following year, here’s why. Autumn weather is kinder and far more consistent where as Spring can be unpredictable with wet cold soil and the chance of late frosts or unexpected dry spells.

In early Autumn, the soil still retains the summer’s heat, water tables are rising so soil will not be too dry and there is greater certainty of heat and rainfall to ensure your plants get a really good start.

Plants started in the Autumn are not pumping energy into flower production, but instead, energy is diverted to strong root development which means that by Springtime you have very well established plants which will thrive and grow giving you a much better display in summer than those planted in the Spring.

Rather than creating a dotty effect by planting single specimens of individual plants, I recommend planting your garden in drifts, odd numbers of plants are good, three or five of each type is ideal for small gardens and enough to provide impact.

Remember, it is far better to have an effective mass of six or seven types than to have loads of different individual plants that become lost in the crowd.

When Planting, try to place your perennials so they will compliment each other as regards height and colour. Tall plants will generally go to the back of a bed and smaller ones in front, but it is a good idea to occasionally move a larger plant or group of plants forward to add contrast.

Not every plant needs to be a superstar. Foliage plants and ground-cover plants are equally important to the showier plants. Think of them as the backing singers and where would Diana Ross have been without the Supremes.

This coming weekend, (from Friday August 26) The Bare Acre Plant Stand will be laden down with well grown cottage perennials that are ideal for planting right now and into September and October. I will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about selecting plants that will suit you.

We have limited quantities and the plants are well priced at only €4.50 each or 3 plants for just €12.00.

All of the plants on offer were selected and grown on the farm because they are attractive to pollinators, in particular to bees and butterflies. Most of the plants can be seen growing in the garden at the farm shop so you can get an impression of size and habit before you select what you want to plant.