Bare Acre Annual Bedding

It’s almost that time of the year again when the garden centres and hardware super stores are stuffed full of summer bedding plants, often they are displayed from mid April, but be careful, many of these plants are frost sensitive so it makes sense to be patient. 

Our own bedding plants are growing away in the greenhouse and we are begining to harden them off but you will not see them on the plant-stand until the weekend of April 28 at which stage we can assume we are safe enough to plant them out. 

Annual bedding is wonderful in the garden and it shines in containers. I love to plant up six or seven containers that can be moved about the garden to create a mood in any given area. This year we selected some of our own favourite summer annuals and will be offering them in six-packs. They are all grown organically and have not been forced into flower, so they will grow stronger and last longer. 

The 28 of April is still two weeks off, but I wanted to share with you, a preview of what we will have available so you can start planing where to place them, what will suit your flower beds and what will look super in your containers. 

This is the first lot of or bedding for 2023, but watch this space, there is much more to follow