5 No Nonsense Reasons For Ordering A Vegetable Box From Bare Acre Farm


1. It Will Save You Money

Buying a Bare Acre vegetable box online helps you take advantage of bulk savings, and we even include a little extra to improve the value of each box. On average, you will save 18-20% on your vegetables when you purchase one of our boxes.


2. It’s Convenient 

When you order a Bare Acre Vegetable Box online, there is no waiting around to weigh or pay for your items; simply select your preferred seasonal veg box, add your extras and checkout. Orders are picked and packed every Friday morning and are available to pick-up in the farm shop that same  afternoon or any time on Saturday.


3. Minimal Packaging Means Less Cost For You & For The Planet.

When you shop at the supermarket, you are typically offered pre-packed produce wrapped in plastic, or you weigh your fruit and veg, meaning you bag them separately. Each of those little bags are plastic waste that take their toll on the environment. With a Bare Acre Vegetable Box, there is minimal packaging. Your order comes in a sturdy box that you can reuse, return, or recycle.

4. It Supports Local Growers and Our Local Economy

We source as much of our produce as possible from North Co Dublin and the surrounding areas, boosting the local economy and ensuring freshness.

If there are no local suppliers, we look for nearby sources. Even our imported fruit and vegetables are sourced from local merchants thus ensuring the provenance of our food while supporting local businesses and employment.

5. Organic as well as Sustainably Produced Food For You And Your Family.

Bare Acre Farm’s own produce is grown chemical-free and we endeavour to work with suppliers who farm in a sustainable manner. The local farmers that we buy from are all men and women who believe in caring for the land and in growing their crops in the most environmentally friendly way. The result of this care, is fresh local produce bursting with flavour.

What our customers have said about our vegetable boxes

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